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Mum of 2. Let go of all my interests for a few years and found I was missing something - thus my turn to miniatures! Haved loved anything 'little' since I was very young :) But then I bought a sewing machine.....

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I bought this to play with - tis only small but since I've only ever quilted by hand, thought it might be a bit of fun.  Also have a host of other projects on the go.  The material underneath is for another project...

Making some handles for yet ANOTHER project I have on the go LOL

Never knew dremel tools would be used in a sewing project.. you learn something every day :))

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  1. WooHoo! I'm your first follower!! Seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing how the handles turn out and I like the sweet bird fabric,
    Hugs, Vicki.