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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Amy Butler Blossom Bag

Here's the link to the Blossom Handbag by Amy Butler.
I've seen many of these on blogs etc.. and had to make one! I did read reviews.. and I agree wholeheartedly that it's not one for the faint hearted! I didn't think I was up for the challenge since it's been ages since I've really tried to make something that might be confusing for me.
 Broke some needles.. and lots of pins bent.. lots of errors and a few unpicks LOL

So here tis.. 
I'm pretty happy with it - it's useable.

Oh.. a little discovery too.. decided to have a light beer while I was sewing :) The Horn sewing cabinet has a beer holder!! hahaha!

I bought this to play with - tis only small but since I've only ever quilted by hand, thought it might be a bit of fun.  Also have a host of other projects on the go.  The material underneath is for another project...

Making some handles for yet ANOTHER project I have on the go LOL

Never knew dremel tools would be used in a sewing project.. you learn something every day :))

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Post 1.. testing :)) LOL

Hi, I decided to start another blog about my sewing trip :) I have never really taken lessons, only 2 years at school when I was 11 & 12.. and absolutely hopeless.. I hope to improve haha!!

I did buy a brilliant machine, but have to admit I struggle with it!

Stay tuned :)